Pressure/Jet Washing

Sequence of work -

Weeds –  If the area you want to tidy up has any weed growth, we can do an initial spray treatment to kill the weeds 2/3 weeks before the pressure washing. This kills the tops of the weeds and the roots and stops any immediate re-growth of the weed from the roots after cleaning.

Block Paviour - If you have block paving, then this will need to be re-sanded after the area is completely dry, which can take several days even in warm weather. If there is too much damp remaining between the blocks, the sand clumps and is much harder to brush into the gaps.

Block paving usually takes a bit longer to clean and generally requires more mess to be tidied up afterwards.

Paving - Cleaning paving can be a problem if the mortar joints between the slabs is loose, we try to avoid spraying directly onto the pointing where possible, while still cleaning the area properly. But inevitably some old and loose pieces can be affected, which we can't accept liability for.

After Care – We recommend a biocide treatment, applied after the area is completely dry. This is sprayed on to the cleaned surface and helps to inhibit any recurrence of the moss/algae/lichen for approx 6 months, sometimes longer, depending on how wet the weather is during that time.

In many cases a second and/or third treatment with the biocide, as soon as any algae/moss starts to return, can negate the need to pressure wash the area every year.

Particularly shady and/or areas that experience standing water will reduce the time the treatment is effective for.

Decking - We can pressure wash timber decking etc, if its in good overall condition, with no flaking paint/stain and the surface is not excessively dirty.

The Boicide after treatment is especially effective on timber, especially in situations where it tends to get slippery fairly quickly with algae, after any cleaning.